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Auto insurance is something that can and usually does vary from state to state.  Florida, like any other state, has its own unique policies on auto insurance requirements.  These are important to know for every consumer who is living in Florida, or who plans to move to Florida.  The information in this article is designed help the customer who is looking for the right kind of insurance and wishes to meet the requirements that are given for auto insurance in the state of Florida.  Anyone looking for the right kind of insurance should know what the basic numbers of Florida auto insurance are.


Best Choice in Red LettersThe kinds of coverage required in the state of Florida are personal injury coverage and property damage coverage.  This is different from many other states, which usually require a bodily injury per person and per accident along with property damage per accident.  Along with the lower amount of kinds of coverage required, the amounts required are also lower. The amount of coverage that a customer must have a minimum of for liability for personal injury coverage is $10,000, a smaller amount than in many other states.  The coverage for cheap auto insurance in Florida that is minimally required for property damage is also $10,000, an amount that is also lower than in many other states.  These smaller amounts can be helpful to a person who may have trouble being able to afford a more expensive policy.  Nevertheless, the average premium for auto insurance in Florida is $1705, and a consumer’s premium can depend on the policy that he chooses. Insurance coverage is required is Florida, but a driver is not required to have uninsured motorist insurance coverage, though it can be helpful in any situation.

No-Fault System

Florida’s system for auto insurance is a no-fault system.  This means that a company will pay coverage even if a driver is not found at fault for an accident, which is helpful.  What no-fault also means is that medical bills are covered by the client’s cheap auto insurance in Florida, but property damage is not covered, except for the policy owner, should he be clearly at fault.  The coverage of medical bills can be helpful, especially for medical bills which are usually very high and can be a problem if someone does not have enough health coverage to pay completely for any medical bills he may have that resulted from an automobile accident.  A good thing to know is that a customer’s personal injury coverage is also applied to children in school buses, should the school bus be in an accident at any time that a child is riding the bus.

If a driver will be staying in Florida for more than 90 days out of a year, either consecutive or non-consecutive, then he must purchase the minimum insurance requirements that are the policy in the state of Florida.  This is information that anyone with a home in Florida or anyone who takes regular extended vacations in Florida should be aware of.  While it may seem to be a hassle for a non-resident of Florida to have to pay for insurance in a state that he does not regularly live in, it will certainly be appreciated in the event of any accident that may arise.  The driver should also consider investing in uninsured motorist coverage in addition to his minimum coverage requirement, even if he does not live in the state of Florida for 12 months out of the year.


If a customer is seeking to buy cheap auto insurance in Florida, he should look at all the options and rates before purchasing a policy.  He should also know the minimum requirements for auto insurance in Florida so that he is covered completely in any situation.  With the proper amount of information, a consumer may know his options and pick the best option possible for himself and his family.  Allow us to help you find auto insurance in Florida by entering your zip code at the top of the page to receive your free auto insurance quotes.

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