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When seeking out auto insurance in Florida, you need to be aware of the rules and regulations of the state. In all states, there are mandates related to driving, insuring and registering vehicles. Complying with these regulations will help to keep your auto insurance rates affordable and keep you from having to pay fines and face driver’s license suspensions.


Florida Minimum Requirements


To start, you must know the minimum requirements for auto insurance in Florida. As of July, 2011, you must purchase auto insurance through a licensed insurance company in Florida for all registered vehicles that meets the following requirements.

  • Property Damage Liability: $10,000 per accident
  • Personal Injury Protection: $10,000 per accident

Of all the states, Florida has one of the lowest requirements, which means you have a lot more flexibility in the level of auto insurance coverage you can purchase. Of course, if you have a car loan, you will have insurance requirements to meet from your lender.

Florida for New Residents


If you have just moved to Florida or are in the process/planning of moving to Florida, you do have to transfer your auto insurance from your current state to a Florida auto insurance policy. If you fail to transfer your insurance or gain Florida auto insurance coverage, then you are subject to your license being suspended for up to 3 years until you do gain the necessary coverage. In addition, a fee ranging from $150 to $500 will be necessary to validate your Florida driver’s license.


Florida for Seldom Used Vehicles


There is a bit of confusion for those who have vehicles that are garaged in Florida only for a portion of the year, on special occasions, or that are not used on a regular basis. The insurance requirement laws for the state of Florida address each of these issues. The quick answer to these questions is that any vehicle registered in the state of Florida must maintain the minimum auto insurance requirements. And, if your vehicle spends 90 days or more in the state of Florida, consecutively or not, that vehicle must be registered and insured.


 Florida for Students


If you have come to Florida to be a student at one of the great universities, then you probably have a few questions. You already know from above that your vehicle must be registered in Florida if it stays for more than 90 days. Although, if you leave the state when school is out, you can turn in your driver’s license and license plates and do not have to retain coverage in the state. You will need to do some calculations as to whether or not that is the best option depending upon how long you will be out of the state and the cost to have your license and tags reinstated.


Rates Quotes inFlorida


Whether a new or long-time resident of Florida, you can benefit with lower rates on car insurance by taking a few minutes to gather online rate quotes. If you are a new resident, you also get the added benefit of acquainting yourself with the car insurance companies licensed to do business in the state. Online quotes are the easiest for most shoppers, so make sure that internet connection is ready to go and start getting your quotes today. In just 15 minutes you can find the best rates on cheap auto insurance in Florida.

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