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Is Cheap RV Insurance Hard to Find ?


You have just purchased your RV and are ready to head out onto the long open road. Of course, you first have to concern yourself with insurance for your new purchase. You may be wondering if you can simply add your RV to your current auto insurance policy. You may also be wondering if you are better off looking for a company that specializes in RV insurance. Certainly, you are wondering just how hard it is to find cheap RV auto insurance. Luckily, the information below will answer many of your questions and help you get started shopping for the right coverage and the best possible price to protect your purchase.


Is Cheap Coverage Available

RV’s are generally more expensive than most vehicles and the additional coverage options you should purchase can make insurance more expensive than coverage for traditional vehicles. However, there are ways in which to save money while also getting the level of coverage you need. Learn what extra coverage is needed beyond regular car insurance and then shop around to find the most discounts and the best rates. It may be your current car insurance provider or you may want to switch companies for all your insurance needs.


Will You Be Pulling a Trailer?

If you are pulling a trailer, you will need to consider adding it as its own entity on your existing policy. In most cases, the trailer is only covered when it is being pulled by your insured vehicle. When it is on its own, that is sitting unhooked at a campsite or even in your driveway, it is not protected. If the trailer has significant value, you will want to protect it; it is generally a rather inexpensive add-on to your policy. Of course, if the trailer is not that costly, you will probably be better off without coverage, but make sure there is liability coverage in case the trailer damages someone else’s property or causes injury.


Additional Coverage Options to Consider for an RV

White Recreational VehicleBecause the property stowed in an RV is generally more extensive than that of a regular vehicle, you will want to make sure your personal property contained in the RV is covered: things like appliances, electronics and the extra stuff you pack for long trips. This should be a standard part of your RV.  You also need to think about roadside assistance. While this is just an add-on that makes you more comfortable with a regular vehicle, in the case of an RV is makes financial sense as well. It is generally a rather inexpensive coverage option and the cost of having an RV towed is usually several times more expensive than a regular vehicle.


Your RV as a Sort of Home

If you intend to live in your RV for an extended period of time, you will need to treat it like a home and a vehicle.  Your policy will need to include loss-of-use coverage just as your home does. This is coverage that pays for living expenses while your RV is out of commission. This generally includes room and board but may also include expenses associated with a rental vehicle.


Finding Cheap RV Coverage

As with any type of insurance, the key to finding it cheaply is to take advantage of available discounts and to shop around for the best rate. It is easiest and generally most productive to do your shopping online. You can learn about specific discounts offered by specific companies quickly. Generally, you can find discounts on RV insurance for the following.


  • Good driving record
  • Good insurance claim record for both home and auto insurance
  • Bundling RV/auto insurance with homeowners insurance
  • Put RV on same policy as other vehicles (multiple vehicle discount)
  • Good credit score


It is also possible to get discounts on the RV itself. Newer RV’s are better viewed by insurance providers. RV’s with safety and security features tend to get cheaper rates.


Online Quotes for RV Auto Insurance

 To help you find cheap coverage, online quotes will help you quickly compare rates of those insurance providers at the top of your list. Remember when getting your quotes to also include your other vehicles and home insurance if applicable. Get a quote for all and then compare those quotes to what your current insurer is offering. It takes only a few minutes to get your quotes, so the comparison is quick and easy. The savings, for just those few minutes of work, can easily be several hundred dollars or more.

You can use our free rate quote tool to get quotes for your cars and RV insurance. Get as many quotes as you wish to find the best deal on your RV and car insurance to truly have cheap auto insurance in Florida.

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