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Do Children Without a Vehicle Need Insurance?

 It is not uncommon for children who have just gotten their drivers license to not have a vehicle. They may drive their parent’s vehicle on occasion or a siblings or even a friend’s vehicle. This brings up the question of whether children, or any other driver for that matter, who have a license needs motor insurance.



The requirements for auto insurance in Florida are for registered vehicles in the state. You do not have to show proof of insurance to get your drivers license but you do have to show proof of insurance to register your vehicle. The current law is that owners and co-owners of Florida registered vehicles must have those vehicles insured to at least the minimum requirements of the state. However, your licensed child is not required to have auto insurance if he or she doesn’t own a vehicle. While the driver of a vehicle is important to auto insurance rates, it is the vehicle that is insured in the state of Florida.


Should Your Licensed Child Be Insured

Piggy Bank Surrounded by CoinsWhile it is not required by law for your child to be insured, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea. You may find yourself in a situation where an insurance company will not pay a claim if the driver of your vehicle is not on the policy. If your child does drive your vehicle or someone else’s vehicle and is in an accident, you can bet the insurance company is not going to pay if the child is not listed as a driver of the vehicle. This means, if it is your car, that you have to pay for repairs for your vehicle and any potential bodily injury with no help from your insurance company. If it is someone else’s vehicle, then you will become involved in litigation and possibly be responsible for those damages since your child was the driver. It is the same reason you insure yourself as a car owner—to protect yourself from the possibility of large repair or liability expenses.


What Type of Insurance Should My Child Get When Not Owning a Vehicle

Most insurance companies offer what is called a non-owner auto insurance policy. This policy will provide only liability coverage as there is no vehicle to be insured for collision and comprehensive coverage. In this case, the insurance follows the driver in whatever vehicle they are operating. Unfortunately, this type of liability coverage is generally more expensive than traditional liability coverage because it is transferrable to any type of vehicle. Insurance companies consider the possibility that your child may potentially be operating a very powerful muscle car or a vehicle with a poor safety rating at some point. This does figure into the rates insurance companies offer you.


Discounts for Young Drivers

Young, inexperienced drivers typically pay more for their auto insurance than those with some experience and a sound driving history. There are a few ways to reduce the cost of teen auto insurance by getting discounts from insurance providers. If your child gets good grades in school, he or she will likely pay less for their coverage. Having your child on your insurance policy will help take advantage of a few discounts such as those for homeowners and customer loyalty. Have your child take a weekend driver improvement course, and your insurance company may offer a discount there as well.


Save Money With Online Quotes

While it is true that a non-owner auto insurance policy will be a more expensive form of liability coverage, it doesn’t mean it has to break your budget. There are ways to save money and get the coverage you need. Online rate quotes allow you to compare rates from your current insurer as well as other top auto insurers in Florida. Comparing rates is the easiest way to save as you can quickly find the best available auto insurance premiums. When your child does get a vehicle in the future, it will be a smart move to get quotes at that time as well. Different insurance companies view young drivers differently, so rates vary drastically in many cases. The way to find the best price is to compare rates.

You can use our free rate quote provider tool to get rates from the most notable Florida insurance providers. All it takes it a few minutes of your time to potentially save hundreds on your auto insurance coverage and get cheap auto insurance in Florida for your child.

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