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Car Insurance Florida Residents Need for Damage Vehicles

Wrecked CarTrying to find car insurance for a damaged vehicle can be quite a difficult task. Most car insurance companies do not want to insure damaged vehicles or they offer higher rates to insure damaged vehicles. Although, you are not totally without options and it may not be as bad as you think. Take some time to read through the information below and get ready to make a few phone calls or a trip to the DMV.

Companies are Weary of Damaged Vehicles

Companies are not excited about insuring damaged vehicles because they are not considered to be as safe as other vehicles. Safety is paramount in the eyes of insurers and damaged vehicles are a big risk for them. Things like wheels falling off while driving and axles breaking while out on the interstate are incredibly dangerous for drivers, passengers and other vehicles on the road. The result can be a huge claim that the insurance company must pay out.


Companies Need Proof of Repair

In all likelihood, the title to your vehicle will note that it is a damaged vehicle. With that being the case, many companies will deny you coverage on that vehicle. In order to get this note off the title, you need to get it repaired. Not by yourself, or by your buddy down the street; it must be repaired by a licensed professional. Once the vehicle is repaired, you will then need to head to the DMV with proof of repair and they can make a notation that the vehicle has been legally repaired. Once this is done, you will have a much easier time finding car insurance for your damaged vehicle.


Limited Car Insurance May be the Only Option

You may face some resistance and restrictions to getting auto insurance for your damaged vehicle even after it has been repaired and the DMV has signed off on it. This will depend upon the extent of the damages and the specific auto insurance companies you deal with. You may only be able to purchase limited coverage that covers liability and personal injury protection only. Collision and comprehensive coverage may not be available from many companies.


Making Your Case to Find Coverage

It will help your cause if the vehicle you are insuring exhibits other characteristics that otherwise make it a quality vehicle to insure. The most important will be safety features. Air bags, automated seat belts, traction control, daytime running lights, anti-lock brakes and any other safety feature possible will work in your favor. Security features will help you out as well. If you have a solid driving record and credit score as well as a good relationship with a local agent or broker, you will be a step ahead of the game.


Using Quotes to Find Better Policies

If you really need or want to keep your damaged vehicle, then the key to finding car insurance in Florida for a damaged vehicle is to keep looking. There are lots and lots of companies out there and eventually you will probably find one willing to offer you coverage. You can use online rate quotes to help you in your search and, with enough comparison shopping, you may even find cheap auto insurance in Florida. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of options and it never hurts to keep looking for the car insurance Florida insurance companies may be willing to give to damaged vehicle owners.

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