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Is the Second Driver Covered by Motor Insurance When Renting a Car?

When the time comes to rent a vehicle, whether traveling or needing a replacement while your car is in the shop, you have to consider auto insurance. Specifically, you need to know how your own car insurance transfers, whether or not you need rental car insurance from the rental agency, and whether or not a second driver is insured as an operator of the rental car.

How Does My Motor Insurance Affect Rental Car Insurance

Hands Holding a Red CarWhen renting a car, you will be asked if you would like to purchase auto insurance from the rental agency to cover you while driving the rental vehicle. This sounds like a sound decision to accept this insurance since there is a real possibility of getting into an accident, especially if you are driving in an unfamiliar place. You may be unsure as to whether or not you are covered by your own auto insurance policy in this instance. However, most private auto insurance policies do cover you when operating a rental vehicle as long as it is within the rental period agreed upon. Of course, you should not bank on the fact that your policy does cover you. Make a quick call to your insurance agent to find out for sure if you are covered and understand the details of this coverage.

Additional Drivers on Your Policy

If the second driver, who may drive the rental car, is on your personal auto insurance policy, then he or she is most likely covered when driving the rental car. However, this is another item you must confirm with your auto insurance company first. Also, when renting your vehicle, be sure to inform them that your companion may also be driving the rental car. The key is to cover all your bases to be sure. You don’t want to find out after it’s too late that you didn’t do all the right things to make sure all drivers were covered.

Liability Only Coverage May Necessitate Rental Car Insurance

If your auto insurance policy only contains liability coverage and not collision and comprehensive, then you will want to consider purchasing the rental agency insurance coverage. The reason is that there is no coverage for the rental vehicle if it is damaged in an auto accident, only liability coverage for damage you may cause to others and their property. If, for instance, you are at fault in an accident and total the rental car when you have only liability coverage, you would be personally responsible for replacing the totaled vehicle if you did not purchase rental car insurance.

Possible Coverage From Your Credit Card

If you pay with a credit card (most rental car agencies require this now), you may have a level of insurance through the credit card. In most cases when there is automatic rental car insurance through a credit card, a second authorized driver is also covered. You should take a few minutes and contact your credit card company to make sure there is coverage and exactly what that coverage is. In some cases, it may be very limited coverage and not enough to keep you from considering the rental agency insurance as well. There may also be certain requirements for the coverage to be in valid.

Is Rental Car Insurance Worth the Cost?

When traveling, the cost of everything you do quickly adds up, so the last thing you want to do is pay for something like rental car insurance if it isn’t necessary. “What are the chances I’m actually going to get in an accident” you may think. Well, accidents do happen and when they do, they can be financially destructive if you are not insured. If you find out that your personal auto insurance policy does not offer you or your companion coverage and your credit card offers no coverage, then the financially sound thing to do is go with the rental agency insurance. The few dollars a day you spend on this coverage can protect you from thousands in damages and liability claims.

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