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By taking the time to understand Florida auto insurance rates, you can learn what affects them, what to expect in terms of premiums, and how you can take steps to lower them. This helps you to get the best Florida auto insurance rates available, which means savings month after month and year after year.



When discussing Florida auto insurance rates, one of the first things you are going to want to know are the most current, average rates for the state of Florida. As of July 2011, the average cost for a yearly auto insurance policy in Florida is $1,700, which is $261 above the national average. Of course, rates do vary across the state, so here are some current average rates for specific Florida locations.

  • Fort Lauderdale: $1,951
  • Hollywood: $1,923
  • Jacksonville: $1,422
  • Miami: $2,383
  • Naples: $1,578
  • Orlando: $1,653
  • Pensacola: $1,381
  • Tallahassee: $1,315
  • Tampa: $2,102

How Location Affects Rates

As you can see from the figures above, a few of the major metro areas of the state, such as Miami, bring up the average rates for the whole state. You will notice a trend that urban areas are generally more expensive, as are areas that are subject to harsh weather conditions. What makes urban areas so much more expensive is a higher cost of living, higher crime rates and traffic conditions that lead to more accidents. By understanding the risk factors associated with your specific location, you can take steps to lessen their impact. For instance, in a high crime area, keep your car parked in your garage when at home and get a security system of some sort.


General Ways to Lower Your Rates

Most all car insurance shoppers are stuck on the notion of lowering their auto insurance rates. If you live in one of the more expensive areas of the state to buy car insurance, you certainly are interested as well. Luckily, lower rates usually come to those who seek them. If you take the time to learn about the discounts available from auto insurers, analyze your policy to be sure you are not paying for items you don’t need and get rate quotes from the companies you are most interested in, then you can significantly lower your Florida auto insurance rates.


Specific Ways to Lower Rates

The discounts auto insurance companies offer generally revolve around you and your vehicle. You can get discounts for having a fuel-efficient car. Discounts are available for specific safety and security features as well. Discounts that come straight from you are those for your credit score, occupation, good car insurance claims history and good grades if you are a student. Also, if you carpool and use public transportation to cut down on your weekly driving, you can save money.


Rates Via Online Quotes

It has been mentioned above, but its importance cannot be overstated. To lower your rates, you need to compare. To compare rates, the easiest method is to get auto insurance quotes. They are free and so easy to get that you may not believe it at first. However, they are your most powerful tool to use against high Florida auto insurance rates, so get a few quotes today. Start shopping for cheap auto insurance in Florida today. You have nothing to lose but overinflated car insurance premiums.

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