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Is this the best for me?

Many who are searching for options do not look forward to taking the time and effort to shop around. A shortcut would be if you can find out the best and most affordable auto insurance company for everyone and just buy from them. Unfortunately, it is not that simple as the best and most affordable car insurance does not come from the same company for everyone. There is some research involved. You do have to compare rates to find the best overall deal for you. It will probably come from a different insurance provider than your neighbor’s or your brother’s or your parent’s.


Why is it Different

Man Holding Quotation MarksRates for auto insurance are essentially free from any significant regulations by the state government. Pricing must be considered “fair”, which is a very loose term to say the least. This means insurance providers are essentially free to choose their own rates. In addition, each company has different business expenses due to their size and company structure. They have different profit margins they wish to achieve. Also, companies use different algorithms to determine the risk you pose as a driver and the risk your vehicle poses. Add all of these together and you get a wide variety of rates offered to you from different companies. One small factor differentiating you from your sibling or neighbor can mean different premiums from the same insurance provider.


Most Affordable and the “Best”

“Best” is a very subjective word meaning something different to everyone. What is the best for you may not be the best for someone else. This is the same when dealing with insurance companies. You need to decide what means the best for you when it comes to your car insurance. Do you want more intensive customer service? Do you want more options as far as policies? Do you want a company that allows you to handle most of your issues online? Figuring out what you want from your insurance company before you begin shopping in earnest and you can quickly rule out many insurance providers and focus on those that can give you what you need.


Doing the Research

Research to find the right provider for you can be done online at your convenience online. There is information available online that provides rankings and ratings of insurance companies across the state and in your local area. You will want to consider things such as customer service reputation, financial stability, policy offerings and claims handling. Of course, price is also to be considered. Visit sites such as A.M. Best, Moody’s and JD Power & Associates to get reputable and objective ratings. You can also visit the websites of prospective insurance companies to get an idea of what they offer specifically and learn a bit about their company philosophy and history.


Qualifying for Discounts

Discounts are how you save money, significant money, on your policy. The discounts offered can be similar from company to company but there will be differences – differences in the discounts offered and the qualifications for those discounts. It may be that you don’t qualify for a specific discount with one insurer, but your neighbor or sibling may. It may be that you qualify for a specific discount that they don’t. Companies may offer only 5 to 10 discounts while others offer 25 or more. The goal is to find a company with a solid reputation that you feel comfortable with and that offers the most discounts for which you qualify.


Discounts Specific to You

Some discounts to look for that may be specific to you are those for your job, marital status and organizational memberships. Certain professions, such as teachers, scientists, engineers, government employees and farmers get discounts on their auto insurance from some companies. If you are affiliated with certain groups, be they professional, social or charitable, an insurance company may also have an affiliation with that group and offer you a discount. Those who are married with children tend to get a discount from many auto insurance companies.


Online Rate Quotes as Part of Your Research

Your research should, of course, include price comparisons so you can find the most affordable. This can also be done online. Most Florida companies offer their quotes online either through their websites or the sites of affiliates. If you go with an affiliate site, you can get multiple quotes at once to speed up the shopping process. Taking the 10 minutes or so to get a group of quotes can potentially save you several hundred dollars each year on your insurance premiums.

To help you find the best and most affordable insurance provider for you, take advantage of our free rate quote tool. Get multiple quotes in just a few minutes to see which of the top insurers in Florida can offer you cheap auto insurance in Florida.

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