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If you are new to Jacksonville or new to auto insurance, you need to get the scoop on auto insurance. If you want to make a sound insurance purchase as well as save some money you need information. This may mean a little research, but it is rather easy to do and online tools make it go by fast. It also means some shopping around if you want to find the best deal on auto insurance.

Mandated Coverage


The residents of Jacksonville Fl must adhere to the state of Florida minimum requirements for auto insurance. If you have a vehicle that is still being paid for, your lender will place additional requirements on you. The state of Florida only requires liability coverage for property damage and personal injury protection. Your lender will also require collision and comprehensive coverage which will provide protection for your vehicle if it is damaged.


Average Rates


Auto insurance in Jacksonville Fl is not as expensive as in many other areas of the state. In fact, the average cost for yearly policy is $1,422 which is below the state of Florida average of $1,723 and even the national average of $1,441. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around for cheap auto insurance rates. There is still plenty of room to save, but also keep in mind that car insurance serves a purpose and if you cut out too much coverage in order to save more money, you are no longer getting any real benefit from the coverage.


Major Risks to Your Vehicle


Jacksonville Map with PinWeather is a rather serious concern for vehicles in Florida and Jacksonville. Hurricanes, hail and tornadoes can do serious damage to your vehicle, so one way to keep costs down is to have a garage in which you can park your car. This will reduce the risk of your vehicle being damaged by this weather as well are reduce the chances of it being stolen or vandalized, which helps to lower another major risk—crime rate.


Risks as a Driver


If you want to keep your car insurance rates under control, you need to reduce the risk that you pose as an insured driver. Auto insurance companies in Jacksonville and everywhere like drivers with good driving records of course, but there are other ways to show yourself as a lower risk. If you drive less, you can save. If you have a good credit score you can save. Some companies give discounts depending upon your job, such as being a farmer or teacher or being a member of the military.


Shopping for Lower Rates


You should not overlook the importance of comparing rates to find the best deal on your Jacksonville Fl auto insurance. Rate comparisons are free and take only a few minutes if you use online rate quotes. You can get numerous quotes at once to quicken the process and have a large sample size from which to compare. By taking the few minutes to get quotes, you can save money on your auto insurance.


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