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Whether you are new to Orlando or a long time resident, auto insurance is an item of which you should stay up to date. Laws change, insurance companies change and ways to shop and save change. If you are looking for cheaper rates or simply thinking about making a switch, you can read through the information below and then start shopping around for the best deal.


Orlando Residents

If you are moving to Orlando from another state, you will need to know the basic auto insurance requirements and regulations. First, all registered vehicles in the state are required to purchase a minimum amount of auto insurance in the form of $10,000 of property damage liability and $10,000 of personal injury protection. These are rather low requirements, so you will certainly want to consider adding to the policy. Florida state law requires a motor vehicle to be registered within ten days of you as the owner either becoming employed in the state, placing children in public school or establishing residency in Florida. Of course, you must show proof of insurance in order to register your vehicle.


Cost  in Orlando

Map of OrlandoThe average cost of auto insurance in Orlando is actually lower than the average rate across the entire state of Florida. The average yearly premium in Orlando is $1,653 compared to $1980 for the state of Florida, so there is the potential for cheap car insurance in your city. Remember, this is only the average, you can certainly find yearly costs lower, in fact much lower if you have the right vehicle, driving record and shop around for the lowest rates in the city. Rates change over time and may even decrease. Checking and comparing rates once a year can help keep your rates as low as possible. Making sure you get credit for the discounts you deserve and comparing rates to see where the best deal lies can keep your Orlando car insurance costs as low as possible.


Common Discounts to Save Money

There are plenty of discounts offered by local and national car insurance companies to help you find a more affordable auto insurance rate. You are surely aware that a good driving record gets you a nice, hefty discount but there are many, many others. Some companies offer as many as 20 to 25 discounts for qualifying customers. Discounts can come to those who are:


  • Financially responsible (good credit score)
  • Farmers, teachers or military personnel
  • Homeowners
  • Experienced safe drivers
  • Married with children
  • Affiliated with certain organizations and groups
  • Good students under the age of 25


This is just a short list; you can visit the websites of specific Orlando insurers to find a complete list of their discounts and how you may qualify.


 Providers in Orlando

In Orlando, you have access to the well-known national car insurance companies such as GEICO, Nationwide, State Farm and Allstate. There are also the local and regional companies to choose from that may offer a more hands-on, customer service oriented approach. Here are some of the available local options to consider.


  • Brightway Insurance
  • Corkhill Insurance Agency
  • Floridian Insurance Agency
  • Hoyt Insurance Agency
  • McGrady Insurance Group
  • Sun Insurance Services
  • SVF Insurance Agency


Again, this is only a short list. Online research and speaking with friends and family can reveal other quality options for you to strongly consider.


Researching  Providers

Performing quick online research whenever you have a few free moments can help you find not only the best rate, but the best company. The insurance provider is important to you getting the customer service you deserve and having your issues handled appropriately. Research should include a visit to the company’s website as well as third-party ratings sites such as JD Power & Associates, A.M. Best, and Moody’s. You will also want to visit the Central Florida Better Business Bureau site for any information about serious complaints against the company.


Online Quotes to Save the Most Money Possible

With so many options to choose from in Orlando, comparing rates is essential to finding the best deal. This doesn’t have to include long hours of research, phone calls and face-to-face meetings with different insurance agencies. You can research online at your own convenience as well as get price quotes online in only a few minutes. Getting quotes online takes 15 minutes or less and allows you the chance to save hundreds of dollars on a yearly policy.

You can use our free rate quote tool anytime you’re ready. It takes just a few minutes to get multiple quotes from Orlando auto insurance companies, so start saving today with cheap auto insurance in Florida.

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